fake it ’till we make it

These first couple days in London have been such an adventure already. Sometimes when we’re out, I wonder how everyone can tell we’re Americans before we say a word, but luckily people have been friendly for the most part. Wednesday we bought phones with UK numbers and Oyster passes to use on the Underground and the buses. Although we’ve felt somewhat clumsy in this new city, we’re slowly picking up on subtle cultural differences like walking on the left side of the sidewalk, being quiet on the Tube and moving to the right when standing on the escalators. A few things I miss from the states already are ice machines (but Mom aren’t you happy I won’t be chewing ice while I’m here?), wearing leggings as pants, and free water at restaurants. Some of the most stunning architecture I’ve seen has been hotels. This is St. Pancras Renaissance in Kings Cross. We passed it on our walk to orientation the first day here.


Today we finalized our class schedules. Two of the classes I’m most excited about are Modern British Novels and the Architecture of London (1600-present day). Some of the highlights of my first couple days abroad were eating delicious Indian food, legally purchasing my first bottle of wine, and exploring Regent’s Park today. Unfortunately it was too dark to take photos at Queen Mary’s Gardens this evening, but even walking through there in the rain was so serene and beautiful. I’m looking forward to having some great pictures after this weekend; tomorrow we have a trip to Windsor Castle and then Sunday is a London Bus Tour. Until next week—cheers.


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