eat your way through Rome in 6 easy steps

Step 1: Gelati – plural form used intentionally. Never say no to gelato in Italy…never. For best results, eat twice daily



Step 2: Spaghetti alla Carbonara – spaghetti noodles, cheese (and egg?) sauce, pancetta, and pepper … un classico romano

IMG_6689 2

Step 3: Sandwiches – we waited until our last day to get sandwiches at a little cafe because we were too enticed by the square pizza and endless pasta every other meal. However, I have to say it was one of my favorite meals


Step 4: Macaroons – (I know, I know. not an Italian dessert) I had my first this past weekend, and I’m telling you … try a good macaroon ASAP if you haven’t already



Step 5: Pasta to take home – my single regret from our weekend in Rome is not buying chocolate pasta to bring back to London and make. The man at the market told us to buy some and try it with butter and parmesan … mmm. I was amazed at the variety of pastas they had. Almost every thing imaginable: Colosseum shaped, different vegetable flavors, chocolate dessert pasta, Italian flag colors, penis shaped (for the rowdier gift-givers out there), multi-colored, etc.


Step 6: Go to Miscellanea – located right behind the beautiful and iconic Pantheon, Miscellanea is a little restaurant that’s easy to pass by if you don’t know about the secret menu. After receiving multiple recommendations from friends who’ve been to Rome (thanks guys!), we went to Miscellanea for dinner on Saturday. We walked in and asked for the €15 deal (not on the menu) and what followed was unbelievable. For just €15, we got bruschetta with olive oil and prosciutto, unlimited “litres” of red and white wine, free water (a huge deal in Europe), margherita pizza, two types of pasta each, dessert wine (also known as “sexy wine”, LOL), tiramisu, limoncello shots and a cocktail for the birthday girl. Needless to say we went to bed instead of going out after that 4 hour meal


IMG_6714Not pictured: penne all’ arrabbiata, potato gnocchi and LOTS of square pizza


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