like father like daughter

This weekend I had my first real visitor of the semester! Exciting, I know. Friday morning my dad and I explored Borough Market. From fudge, cookies and coffee to toasted cheeses and hot cider, we definitely did Borough Market right.

Then after a short nap (considered by some a food coma), we went to The Lion King at the Lyceum Theater. The props, set and acting had me completely mesmerized … and the animal costumes were stunning pieces of art. They were all the perfect balance of abstract and literal interpretations of the wild animals. Overall, I’d recommend the show to any age of audience; everyone, from the squealing children to the teary-eyed grandparents, was thoroughly impressed with the production.

Saturday mid-day we met up near the Victoria & Albert Museum, after I recovered from my sugar hangover (this exists trust me). In South Kensington I showed Dad the location of the mom’s London house in the Parent Trap and some of my favorite streets in the area. These streets were filled with all the usual cars you’d see in an average neighborhood, you know … Range Rovers, Mercedes, Rolls Royces, BMWs, etc. Pretty typical. Some of the housekeepers and drivers were probably wondering why a strange man was taking pictures of the houses where they work, but luckily I’m not easily embarrassed!

Me at the Lyceum Theater

When we went into the V&A Museum we decided to stick to one floor because there’s no way to see all of that giant museum in one day. After the museum we had dim sum (a first for me!) and headed to the iconic scene of the Beatles album, Abbey Road.

Dim Sum

Getting a decent photograph crossing Abbey Road is a tricky combination of 1) avoiding getting hit by a car and 2) asserting your dominance over the other tourists trying to pose in the middle of the street. After one failed attempt, we were successful and walked around the area to see Abbey Road Studios and catch a bus and train back to Kings Cross St. Pancras (not Pancreas, as formerly pronounced)

Abbey Road

Abbey Road Studios

Before my dad and I said goodbye we went grocery shopping and ate Indian food … what more could a girl ask for?


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