awkward lessons learned

Below is a list of little things I feel obligated to share with my fellow Americans:

  • A wise man once told me that when drinking juice like this, one must add 4 parts water, 1 part juice. Who knew drinking juice involved reading directions!?


  • This is a bum bag, not a fanny pack. Just sayin’.


  • Good news! The “x” at the end of every text message is a kiss, not a strange texting error on that fancy £11.00 Nokia cell phone.


  • Let it be known that “holiday skin” lotion is actually self-tanning lotion. Failure to read the fine print will result in strange splotchy legs. Not that I know from experience or anything.


  • If you’re working in fashion: what Americans call a sweater, they call a “jumper”, and sneakers are “trainers.”
  • College students in London say they go to university. Just uni for short.
  • Most importantly: don’t expect to find cookie dough at the stores in London. Devastating, isn’t it?

I’m sure there will be more in the future, so consider this list subject to change.


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