ireland with the gal-pals

On Valentines day, I went to Ireland with 6 girlfriends for the weekend. We witnessed the most aggressive rainstorm I’ve ever seen after arriving in Dublin Friday morning. Logically, after getting drenched while leaving the airport, we took our soaked backpacks and broken umbrellas straight to McDonalds to get some proper nourishment. Don’t judge … Irish McDonalds have mozzarella sticks.

The highlight of Friday was meeting up with our friend who is studying in Dublin and going on the Guinness Storehouse tour. Guinness Storehouse tour was really cool despite my aversion for the beverage itself.

IMG_7076We walked around to learn about the brewing process and where all the ingredients come from, then about the distribution and advertising throughout history. Here is a picture of an awesome exhibit that shows Guinness advertisements throughout the decades.


We received proper instruction on how to taste beers, which I reverse-engineered to learn how to not taste beer when I have to drink it.

IMG_7075My favorite part of the tour was the Willy Wonka-esque elevator ride to the Gravity Bar on the top floor.  To be honest, anyone born in the 20th century who goes to the Guinness Storehouse will most likely feel like they’re in some strange version of the Willy Wonka factory. Anyway, from the Gravity Bar you can see the prettiest panoramic view of Dublin. Also, I am finally certified to pour a perfect pint of Guinness (thank goodness right?)

After Guinness, we ate way too much and explored the Temple Bar area, but turned in early for an exciting day at the Cliffs of Moher on Saturday. After arriving in Galway we met up with our jolly tour guide straight away and headed to County Clare to see the Cliffs of Moher.

IMG_7116The cliffs and castles we saw along this day tour were so intriguing and really different from anything I’ve seen. That evening we went on a pub crawl—Irish people are a good time.



Note to anyone leaving on a trip at 6:00 AM: don’t let anyone talk you into staying out at the casinos until 3:00. Then, don’t stop (for a sit-down breakfast?) in China town on the way home at 4:00. Also, don’t set off the fire alarm at 5:00 with your extra steamy shower (apparently steam can set off some smoke detectors). But DO bring your travel companions Valentine’s Day candy  for the trip so they will excuse your rowdiness.


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