adventures of a business student at fashion week

This Tuesday I got to play paparazzi at London Fashion Week, and the whole time I thought to myself, “so this is what it feels like.”

SONY DSCI did street style interviews at the Somerset House and attended a designer’s “presentation” (kind of like a runway show, with a little less runway and a little more standing around). I wrote a blog for Snap Fashion about the Zoë Jordan Presentation… check out the artsy paparazzi pictures I took on my friend Julie’s fancy camera!

SONY DSCThe outfits at Somerset House were insane. Here are my favorite photos of the outing—enjoy!

SONY DSCWho says fashion’s just for the ladies?

IMG_0284Hands down, prettiest candid I’ve ever taken.

SONY DSCVintage Hilfiger? Yes, please.

SONY DSCWait ’till you see the shoes…

SONY DSCThese make the outfit.

SONY DSCPhoto cred to Julie Schultz! x

SONY DSCPharrell’s not the only one with an Arby’s hat!

SONY DSCI just don’t know…

IMG_0271And here’s one to make up for the absurdity of that last picture.



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