four days in scotland

Since I’m long overdue for posting, I’m writing a couple short posts over the next couple days. First off, a few weekends ago I went on a 4-day trip to Scotland. We flew into northern Scotland (Inverness) and drove out to Aviemore in the highlands where we went for a little hike and fed a pack of reindeer.


Apparently they only have little bottom teeth, so we didn’t have to worry about them biting us. To be honest the reindeer just wanted food, then they ran right away. Still remarkable! That night I went to an all-you-can-eat Italian buffet with a big group of friends; we got uncomfortably full and then went to a pub down the road to hear live Scottish music and drink cider. Successful evening.

The next day, we woke up early to take the bus to Loch Ness for a boat trip to Urquhart Castle. Boarding the boat we were confused why the trip advisors all were being lame and sitting downstairs in the boat.  Quickly the confusion was cleared up, and we learned the hard way just how much water could drench the boat’s upper deck on a windy day.


After exploring the castle, we drove to Glen Coe to fit a hike in before the rain came.



Then we were off to Oban, the cutest resort town I ever did see. Oban was absolutely beautiful during the day, and we certainly enjoyed karaoke night at a local bar. For our last destination in Scotland we drove to Edinburgh, the country’s capital (shown below).


While the weekend was absolutely exhausting (and jam packed with plane, train, and bus rides) it was a blast seeing so much of Scotland. All of the outdoor activities were a refreshing change from life in busy metropolitan London.


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